Twisted Highball Glass

Having just completed a project where I was designing drinking glasses, I wanted to produce and render some of my own designs where I was less constrained with what they looked like. I produced some designs which I made in SolidWorks and then imported into Blender to render them. They take on a twisted appearance, which I think is truly enhanced by the fact that they’re made only of glass. This also works in reverse, for the glass as a material is made to look superior though the complexity of the product’s form.


2017-04-19 18_47_42-Greenshot

2017-04-19 18_47_52-Greenshot

2017-04-19 18_48_09-Greenshot

2017-04-19 18_48_14-Greenshot


Someone mentioned how satisfying it would be if the glasses slotted together and after having a play around with the CAD files, I realized that it was more complex than I had envisaged. However I did form the idea of an insulating sleeve which fitted perfectly around the glass such that it would screw on and off much like the action of a nut being screwed onto a bolt.

2017-04-19 18_48_37-Greenshot


Here is the final render done in blender:

Twisted glasses

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