Wireless Charging Block: Designs

I recently bought a wireless charging pad for my desk with the intention of redesigning its housing to make it look more sleek.

I had initially though I’d house the entire product in a wooden case, but realised the charging range was heavily reduced by the existing plastic house (~2mm above top surface on the pad). Without the plastic housing, the charging distance was ~8mm. In addition, the only components actually necessary for it to function are the charging component and the charging cable. Here was the first idea I had before disassembling the product:

Taking the product apart made me realise I was going to be able to design a much more slim and compact wooden housing for the internal components.

After producing a perfect scale model of the components I was able to start work on the housing and other necessary components to complete the design. Here are a selection of images showing the process:

This shows the wooden one-part housing which I intend to mill out of a single block of plywood or other exotic timber. Some other components needed to finish the product were a back plate to hold the charging component in place, as well as some rubber feet to make it grip the surface it sits on as well as making it look like its hovering just above the surface. I can use the rubber feet from the existing product.

Here are a few other images showing the final assembly in SolidWorks:

When I get the change to CNC route the final thing I will post a gallery of images.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed seeing my design process!

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