My New Desk

You can’t be a designer without a good design station… And it was time to upgrade my old one for something a little more up to date.

By creating a mock up of my bedroom in SketchUp I was able to decide on what would best fit in my room and how to lay it out. Here is that mock up:


After doing this I was able to start thinking about how I would produce something that would be useful to me. While at university last year I realised how important it was to have ample desk space. This became my main priority in this project.

I decided to go with IKEA, well because I’m a student and I can’t really afford anything else. I went with the KARLBY kitchen work top which sits on two ALEX drawer units, one with a front door where my PC can sit. On top of my desk I wanted some storage and a place for my monitor to sit so I got the ALEX add-on unit which is perfect for my needs. Due to the span between the drawer units being so large I also got two legs for support as well as under-desk cable management rails. I made all of them in SketchUp, here are some images:


Once I was happy with the layout, all I had to do was wait for payday and then make several trips to IKEA… Here is the final result!

The only thing left to do is buy a new graphics card and two new monitors to replace my outdated current monitor.

Thanks for reading!

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