Wireless Charging Block: Final Build

This is an update on my blog post “Wireless Charging Block: Designs” from August 15th.

About 3 months ago I designed a block of wood which would be CNC routed to fit the circuit board from an existing wireless charger. I’ve been busy with university since then but gradually, step-by-step, the design has come to fruition.

I started by buying an old chunk out of a Sapele beam. It was rough and stained with large cracks in, but I knew with a bit of work I could salvage some usable bits of timber from it. I took it to one of the other campuses of my university and cut all the rough edges off and then surface planed it all down ready to be CNC’d.

After one or two practice runs and with the help of the technicians at my university, the outcome was better than I had hoped! I sanded it down with 600 grit paper and applied 3 layers of finishing oil to bring out the true colours of the wood.

Here are some photos:


Time to finish up the wood and make it look much nicer!

The final product!

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